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City of Pearland
Total Score: 43 out of 100
Declined: 7 points
City of Pearland score has decreased because of a decrease in points on the following questions:
  • Total Percent (%) Water Loss
  • WCP and Conservation Info Accessibility?

Pearland: At A Glance

The City of Pearland continues to report a low rate of per capita water use, which has dropped from 117 GPCD in 2016 to 111 GPCD in 2019. However, the city fell just short of achieving its 5-year goal of 109 GPCD, as established in its 2014 Water Conservation Plan. As of the 2016 Scorecard, Pearland had not established an extensive water conservation program nor had the City provided a clear game plan for achieving its 5-year water use reduction goal. At this point in time, the city is considering the implementation of a outdoor watering conservation program, but it is unclear when that may come to fruition. Pearland did not submit its most recent Annual Report (on implementation of the WCP) to the Texas Water Development Board, as is required by law, which makes it difficult to assess the city’s ongoing conservation efforts.



Pearland serves a population of approximately 124,00, an increase from 91,000 in 2010 - demonstrating a significant growth rate. Most of the City of Pearland is located in Brazoria County although parts of the City extend into Fort Bend and Harris Counties. According to its 2014 Water Conservation Plan, the City of Pearland provides only retail water service. It has two main sources of supply: eleven groundwater wells that the City owns and operates and surface water purchased from the City of Houston at three connections.


The City of Pearland saw its water conservation score decrease from 57 in the 2016 Scorecard to 43 in the 2020 Scorecard - due in large part to the city not achieving its 2014 5-year GPCD goal or submitting its most recent required annual report on implementation of its previous Plan.


In its latest WCP, the city maintains the same 5-year goal of reducing per capita use to 109 GPCD by 2024. The city identifies several initiatives under consideration to help achieve this goal, including a mandatory no more than twice per week outdoor watering schedule and enhancements to its existing landscape ordinances. While this is a step in the right direction, it is still unclear what the timetable will be for moving forward with these initiatives. The city has yet to even implement a basic landscape management ordinance that prohibits wasting water, so it remains to be seen how far these efforts will go over the near- and long-term. If the City of Pearland is serious about water conservation, it needs to implement some form of mandatory year-round outdoor watering restrictions and explore a wider array of BMPs.


In addition to these issues, Pearland continues to report a high water loss percentage (14.9%) but has not identified an advanced program for proactively addressing sources of system-wide water loss.