Photo by Charles Kruvand
City of Odessa
Total Score: 55 out of 100
Improvement: 27 points
City of Odessa score has increased because of an increase in points on the following questions:
  • Annual Report (AR) Submitted?
  • Water Audit Report (WAR) Submitted?
  • Total Percent (%) Water Loss
  • WCP and Conservation Info Accessibility?
  • Achieved 5-Yr Conservation Goal Set in previous WCP?

Odessa: At A Glance

While Odessa has improved its score, there is much more the city could be doing - especially considering that it’s located in such an arid region. With conservation goals that are wet higher than their current baseline GPCD, no implemented BMPs, and no outdoor watering restrictions, it will be a challenge for them to make further progress in water conservation, if that is truly an objective of theirs. Given its geographic location, where much water is lost to evaporation during the summer months, it would be especially prudent for Odessa to consider establishing some permanent limitations on outdoor landscape watering, just as many cities in North Central Texas have done.  



The City of Odessa, located in the Permian Basin and the Region F water planning area, serves a population of nearly 136,000. At present, the City gets its water supply via a contract with the Colorado River Municipal Water District (CRMWD) – primarily surface water but sometimes augmented by groundwater. The 2016 Scorecard did not provide a complete assessment of the conservation efforts by the City of Odessa as the water utility did not observe the same schedule as most utilities in revising its water conservation plan (WCP).


The City of Odessa submitted its revised WCP in 2017 and has made significant improvements to its overall water conservation score. The City did better than the 5-year water conservation goal set in its 2011 WCP, provided water conservation information on its website, submitted its annual report, and decreased the City’s percent water loss - from 15.14% to 10.13%. However, Odessa has missed an opportunity by setting conservation goals that are not ambitious and are in fact higher than its GPCD baseline.


The City of Odessa could improve its water conservation record by imposing some form of outdoor watering restrictions, such as limiting the time of day or the days per week when outdoor watering may occur. Additionally, the City of Odessa should identify any implemented best management practices in its Annual Report, which would allow an assessment of what other BMPs might be adopted to boost Odessa’s water conservation record.